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Best HD Spy Keychain Camera in Delhi India

Hello friends! First of all thanks for reading this blog. Today this blog will introduce to you a gadget which has already earned his name in spy industry as well as very popular among the agents & detective these days. This product is named as “Spy Keychain Camera”, a hidden or pinhole camera that is equipped in the keychain ring. This product completely likes like a normal keychain but equipped with small hidden camera, in short a great device for hidden audio and video surveillance gadget. In earlier times this gadgets were used by agents, detectives, law enforcement agencies etc for collecting evidence or for monitoring on people who were involved in antisocial activities. But nowadays they are also used by common people for their personal use like recording important conversation, for exposing corrupt people, monitoring on servants and maids etc or with many other reasons and purposes.


Spy Keychain Camera Dealer in Delhi India
Best HD Spy Keychain Camera in Delhi India

Let’s Clear your Questions & Queries!!

Q.1) You have mentioned that there is small pinhole camera is equipped in the keychain, then my question is “clarity of this product will be good enough to satisfy my requirements”?

Ans. The camera equipped in keychain is small that doesn’t mean that the clarity will not be good enough. In recent days spy keychain camera also comes with HD or up to 5 mega pixel cameras. So, Clarity of this product will very good.

Q.2) Can I find difficulty during operating?

Ans. No Sir/ Mam, operation of this product is very simple & anyone can operate this product very easily.

Q.3) Does Spy Keychain Camera come in HD quality?

Ans. Yes Sir/ Mam, spy keychain camera comes with HD quality, 2 mega pixel, 3.2 mega pixel and 5 mega pixel.

Q.4) What is the battery backup of spy keychain camera?

Ans. A spy keychain camera can record up to 1.5 hours continuously.

Q.5) Does this product can work at any situation?

Ans. Yes Sir/Mam, this product can work well in every situation.

Q.6) At what price spy keychain camera is available?

Ans. First of all this spy product are imported from Taiwan, Korea & China. So, spy keychain camera varies in prices like Rs 600-700 if the product is imported from china (No warranty is available), Rs 1700 (Our price (Imported from Taiwan & Korea with 6 Months Warranty).

Q.7) From where I can buy Spy Keychain Camera?

Ans.  As AMS Security is a leading Spy camera dealer in Delhi, you can buy all types of spy camera from AMS Security in really affordable prices.


AMS Security offering you high quality spy camera in Delhi that can record high definition images with clear sound. If you are looking for spy keychain camera in Delhi then contact AMS Security right now.

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